TMS Partner A/S, or also known as Freelance smiths is a young organization, based on the concept of networking.

The network has grown to 150 freelancers. Of these, there are some who work 100% as TMS Partner and to a lesser or greater extent, because the parallel has its own customers to be serviced.

Our entire organization passionate about customer’s project and that they succeed with maximum possible coverage. Our 150-strong network of independent TMS Partners are handpicked from the core value and the spirit behind our vision.

Our know-how and flexibility is your success!


If required, we will bring all tooling and assembly cars and more of our craftsmen are ready for evening, night and weekend duties. All freelance forge is through a careful evaluation before they become TMS Partner. The characteristics you have to live up to is that you have a professional pride, is flexible, and is a team player, where openness is an important feature. The network TMS Partners residing anywhere in Denmark, and it has value to many that it is a local man who comes to the task despite that it has commissioned him in a trade from Herning.

We welcome your permanent staffing strategy, with large salary savings advantage.


The TMS’s mission to be a strong ally who through competence, commitment and creativity ensures everyone involved with a service out of the ordinary.


The TMS’s vision is to become the strongest partner in helping companies complete forging, repair and installation solutions.

Private workshop – Subcontractor work

In addition to corporate headquarters in Herning found our own workshop where we mainly lies tasks in small series, and special assignments.

Workshop Tasks performed to the extent capacity and machinery matches the product the customer wants produced, and we need to point to an area where we are particularly strong, the series productions where delivery time, price and quality are keywords for our customers.

Among the network TMS Partners, there are several who have their own workshop associated with their company. Tasks that are strategically sensible in relation to the customer’s address, we try to put in our TMS Partners, whilst recognizing that the workshop has the capacity and machinery to the task.