TMS Partner is your ally partner with competence, commitment and high level of service to ensure that your projects are completed on time.
With our flexibility you can achieved huge salary savings without sacrificing quality or professionalism. We have always artisans in stock with different educations and courses which ensure flexibility.

What TMS Partner can do for you

TMS Partner is a large team of independent locksmiths, fitters, electricians, blacksmiths, hydraulic mechanics, sheet metal, project managers, stainless locksmiths, ship fitters, plumber, pipe fitters, certified welders and many more. Most of our partners are self-employed and work as freelancers and has a desire to make it as good for the customer as possible. We have the skills to manage your project from start to finish or we can act as your team plays or buffer during the project.

TMS Partner ikoner - vi udlejer alle tyder håndværkere som vikarer og en ekstra hånd

Why use TMS Partner?

Need an artisan? Then you should definitely consider using TMS Partner as your partner. As a partner you will get great benefits.
You can achieve significant savings by using one of our independent freelance artisans. We can provide the number of tradesmen you need already tomorrow and be ready when you want it. Our flexibility is your profit and your expenses match your yield. We know our network of artisans and we ensure that you get the quality and the skills you need for your project.

Customer References

We have customers all over Denmark! In addition, we travel to our customers and have references in Germany, Norway, Canada, Finland mm. Here are just a small sample of who we have supplied craftsmen.